Open Class

Yankton County Achievement Days

Open Class General Rules

  1. Entry Fees: Adults $2.00 per item entered & Youth $1.00 per item
  2. Rosettes will be given to Best in Show in each class. Gift certificates will be given to all winners.  1st = $10 & 2nd = $5
  3. Open Class photography entries are due to Yankton County Extension office on July 17th.
  4. Photo size is 8 x 10. All Photos must be mounted, but not matted, on 16 x 20 White MAT BOARD. Mat Board can be purchased at Yankton County Extension office or local supply store. No Frames.
  5. Attach entry tag by string to the back upper left hand corner so it can be hung over the front.
  6. Please no watermarks or Logos on the photos or mat board.
  7. Photos will be released Sunday, August 2nd from 10am to 12pm.
  8. Open Class Culinary entries are due August 1st by 1pm
  9. Pies need to be in disposable pie tins.
  10. Pies must be single, double or Lattice crust from homemade.
  11. Pies must have recipe attached with entry form.
  12. Pies will not be refrigerated. No Eggs.
  13. Class 201 under culinary will be judged on Saturday. A photo will be taken of your item to be displayed in the open class area with ribbon & recipe.  It will then be Auctioned off after judging.
  14. Class 202 under culinary will be judged on Saturday. A slice will be removed to be displayed in open class area with ribbon & recipe.  The pies will then be donated to the concession stand for goodwill donation of coffee & slice of pie Saturday afternoon.

Yankton County Achievement Days Open Classes Divisions

 Photography Classes:

101: Scenic – townscapes, nightscapes, skyscapes, sunrises, sunsets, waterscapes and landscapes

102: People – posed portraits, candid photos & action photos of person or people.

103: Animals & Birds – Pets, farm animals, zoo animals, wild animals, birds, insects, fish or marine animals

104: Plants & Flowers – growing plants, trees, fungi, farm crop, wild or domestic

105: Architectural – Buildings, bridges, man-made structures, dams or towers

Culinary Arts Classes:

201: Specialty Decorated – Cupcake, cake pops, cookies or any frosted cakes

202: Pies – All pies that don’t need to be refrigerated are allowed.



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