4-H Horse Project- Horse Form 1

South Dakota 4-H Youth enrolled in the 4-H Horse Project are required to provide proof of ownership of their horse to participate in the program.  Members must file Horse Form 1 with their County Extension Office for any horse they plan use in the Horse Project by June 1 of each year. A member may register as many horses as they wish, however, only two horses may be used for qualification for and during the State 4-H Horse Show. Horses of any breed or breed combinations are acceptable for this project. In addition, mares and geldings may be of any age. Stallions over eight months of age may not be exhibited.  All horses must be serviceably sound and in good condition to participate.

Horse Form 1 can be found below, on iGrow or your local County Extension Office.  The County Extension Office will upload Horse Form 1 to the member’s animal information in 4HOnline.

Management of a horse includes grooming, training, stall management, exercising and use of the horse. A member who exhibits a family owned horse must manage the animal at least 50% of the time. A member who exhibits a horse not owned by the family (a “leased” horse) must manage the horse at least 75% of the time during the project. Members managing on this basis must have an affidavit from the owner stating both parties are meeting these requirements.


 Horse Form 1

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