Public Presentation Results

Public Presentation’s were held on June 24th at the Yankton County Extension Office.  Below are the ribbon placings from that event.  All purple award winners will be eligible for competing at the South Dakota State Fair.

David Friedenbach Beg Demoonstration Purple
Abby Larson Beg Illustrated Talk Purple
Leah Waid Jr Illustrated Talk Purple
Katherine Fiedler Sr. Illustrated Talk Purple
Robbie Heine Sr. Public Speaking Purple
Aaron Friedenbach Beg Illustrated Talk Blue
Heather Maier Beg Demoonstration Blue
Camille Friedenbach Jr Demoonstration Blue
Laurel Friedenbach Jr Illustrated Talk Blue
Stephanie Hauger Jr Illustrated Talk Blue
Michael Heine Jr Illustrated Talk Blue
Tessa Hacecky Sr. Public Speaking Purple

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