State Fair Book Changes

2011 4-H Division Handbook State Fair Book

Static Exhibit Changes

 NEW: (J) T024005 (S) T024006 Engineering Model

Choose an area of engineering (Biomedical, Civil, Chemical, Architectural, Agricultural, Mining, Computer, Nuclear, Mechanical, Materials, Environmental, Aerospace, Ocean, Electrical and Industrial/Manufacturing) and design something that addresses a specific purpose or problem you wish to solve.

In addition to your design notes or actual mode, include the following in a report:

  • type of engineering
  • clearly stated purpose or problem
  • research narrative discussing potential problems
  • conclusion with reasons for selecting presented solution
  • discussion of safety, economic ramifications, and availability of materials

 NEW: (J) T024007 (S) T024008 Educational Display

Choose one of the 15 engineering areas below to design something that addresses a specific purpose or problem you wish to solve. In addition to your design notes or actual model, include the following in a report: type of engineering; clearly stated purpose or problem; a research narrative discussion potential options; conclusion that includes reasons for selecting the solution presented; discussion of safety and economic ramifications; and availability of materials. AerospaceIndustrial/Manufacturing
Agricultural Materials  
Architectural Mechanics  
Chemical Mining  
Computer Nuclear  
Electrical Ocean  


 NEW: Hobbies & Collections Curriculum (South Dakota)

(J) T039005 (S) T039006

Complete five or more of the activities in the curriculum. The exhibit consists of the booklet with five newly completed activities and one finished product from one activity (youth may display their product in a photograph if it is too large to enter). Complete the Process-Share-Generalize and Apply reflection questions for each of the five activities.

 NEW: (N) T042047 Tomatoes – Processing Type (Horticulture)

Any variety, with stems removed (five fruits) 


Videography exhibit classes are open to all 4-H members/teams. Suitable topics include project and non-project-related subject matter. All portions of the video and sound must adhere to the 4-H Code of Conduct. Audio or video parts not actually recorded by 4-H members must be from the public domain or not infringe on copyrighted material. All persons other than the 4-H member who recorded audio or video parts must receive credit at the end of the video. Public display of the video will be at the discretion of the South Dakota State Fair 4-H Management Team.

Videos must be between 30 seconds and 10 minutes in length (entry information at the beginning or credits at the end do not count towards the video‘s length).

All exhibits must include the Videography Entry Form. Judging criteria are outlined on the Videography score card. Both are available on the 4-H/Youth Development pages on the SDSU website ( and at your local County Extension Office.

To be eligible for judging, videos must be presented in format viewable on any computer. Options and instructions are available from the State 4-H Office or from your local County Extension Office.

  Livestock Changes


Beginning in 2011, showmanship contests will be held in Beef, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goats, Market/Meat Goat, Sheep, Poultry, Rabbits and Swine. While exhibiting their livestock in the show ring, a committee will judge 4-H members and award best showmen a purple rosette. Showmen receiving purple rosettes are eligible to participate in the Showmanship FINALS that begins immediately after each livestock show.

For showmanship, 4-H members are judged on their ability to show animals to the best advantage at all times including:

Fitting of the animal

Attentiveness in the show ring

Personal grooming

 NEW: Each County with 4-H livestock exhibits (Beef, Sheep and Goat) is allotted at least one tack trailer permit for parking in the designated 4-H Tack Trailer parking areas at the Fairgrounds. On a first come, first served basis, additional tack trailer parking permits are available for purchase at the 4-H Livestock Complex Office. All vehicles parked in front of tack trailers need to display a 4-H Parking sticker that is available for purchase at the State Fair Office.

 4-H Livestock Fees

NEW Entry Fee: Non-refundable entry fees for 4-H livestock are assessed on a per animal basis to offset expenses for judges, awards, maintenance, etc. Entry fees do not include bedding and are not stall fees nor guarantee stall space. Livestock exhibitors must complete State Fair 4-H Livestock Entry Fee Form and submit it along with the total payment amount to their local County Extension Office. To complete the State Fair entry process for livestock, County Extension Offices will send copies of all Livestock Entry Fee Forms with one payment check to the State 4-H Office on/before August 15, 2011. Livestock entry fees for the 2011 South Dakota State Fair are below.

 Animal Entry Fee Per
Market Beef, Breeding Beef $10 Head
Dairy Cattle $10 Head
Market Sheep, Breeding Sheep, Market/Meat Goat, Dairy Goat, Market Swine $5 Head
Poultry $1 Bird
Rabbit $1 Animal

NEW: 4-H Market Lamb Weigh-Back Requirements

To be eligible for Championship Awards, there is a 6.5% weigh-back requirement (6.5% above to 6.5% below initial weigh in) at the South Dakota State Fair. First-, second- and third-place market lamb animals are required to be weighed at the conclusion of their class, to determine award eligibility.

EXAMPLE: The check-in weight of a market lamb animal at the South Dakota State Fair is 130 pounds; the animal must “weigh-back” within 6.5% (121½ – 138½ pounds) at the end of its class.

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