84th National 4-H Conference

 April 2 April 7, 2011, National 4-H Center, Chevy Chase, MD 

Youth may apply to be a delegate at the prestigious National 4-H Conference by submitting an application to the local County Cooperative Extension Office. The Extension Educator who gives final approval and signs the application will submit it electronically or by mail to the State 4-H Office by the deadline indicated. Applications will be reviewed by a statewide committee of 4-H Youth Development Educators, Specialists, 4-H volunteers/leaders, and/or previous trip participants.

Delegates are awarded one trip per calendar year to represent the South Dakota 4-H program at a national 4-H event/conference. Delegates, who are eligible, may reapply in following years for an additional trip(s).  More Information

Deadline for Submission is January 1, 2011

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