The Green Review

By Chris Zdorovtsov

What exactly is SOIL?

Soil is made up of about 50% pore space and 50% solids (45% mineral materials and 5% organic matter). The pore spaces are the spaces between particles. The mineral particles are broken into three categories that are clip_image002dependent on their size. They include sand, silt and clay. Sand, the largest particle, and silt, the medium size particle, result from weathering, or breaking down, of larger rocks. Clay, the smallest particles, have been synthesized or put together by physical and chemical processes over a long period of time. Sandy soils drain well, but may need the addition of organic matter such as compost, leaf mold, or peat moss added to helps retain water. Clay particles hold more nutrients and moisture, but also may need the addition of organic matter to increases the soil tilth or looseness.

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