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  • July 11th – Fashion Revue Contest Schedule

    First Last Type Age special Category
    10:00 AM
    Heather Maier Constructed Jr Wearable Art
    Tatum Hohenthaner Constructed Beg Costume
    Langdon Klinkhammer Sew & Buy Cloverbud
    Isabelle Wintz Sew & Buy Beg
    Madeline Wintz Sew & Buy Beg
    Heather Maier Constructed Jr
    Lexi Maier Constructed Beg
    Madison Fairley Constructed Beg
    Stephanie Hauger Selected Outfit Sr
    Camille Friedenbach Selected Outfit Sr
    Laurel Friedenbach Selected Outfit Sr
    Katie Freng Selected Outfit Sr
    David Friedenbach Selected Outfit Jr
    Aaron Friedenbach Selected Outfit Jr
    Heather Maier Selected Outfit Jr
    Abby Larson Selected Outfit Jr
    Karlie Freng Selected Outfit Jr
    Lyric Harts Selected Outfit Beg
    Lexi Maier Selected Outfit Beg
    Molly Larson Selected Outfit Beg
    Madison Fairley Selected Outfit Beg
    Cadence Harts Selected Outfit Cloverbud
    Keeley Larson Selected Outfit Cloverbud

    July Newsletter

    Another month with a lot of activities going on.  Check out this months newsletter July newsletter 2014

    Public Presentation Results

    Public Presentation Contest was held on June 20th.

    First Last Type of   presentation Age Ribbon
    Quinn Fargo Demonstration Jr Blue
    Stephanie Hauger Public Presentation Sr purple
    Abby Larson illustrated talk Jr purple
    Keeley Larson Demonstration Cloverbud participation
    Molly Larson Demonstration Beg purple
    Heather Maier Demonstration Jr purple
    Lexi Maier Demonstration Beg purple
    Nicholas Nayokpuk Demonstration Jr purple
    Leah Waid illustrated talk Sr purple


    Special Foods Contest Results

    Special foods contest was held on June 13, 2014 at Yankton Senior High.  Great Job Kids!

    First Last Recipe Name Age Ribbon
    Seth Fargo Meatloaf Beginner Red
    Tatum Hohenthaner Strawberry Banana   Smoothie Beginner Purple
    Natalie Nayokpuk Blueberry Muffins Beginner Red
    Teddy Fargo Fruit Smoothie Cloverbud participation
    Keeley Larson Smoothie Cloverbud participation
    Quinn Fargo Taco Ring Junior Purple
    Karlie Freng Tatter Tot Casserole Junior Purple
    Aaron Friedenbach Lamb Burgers Junior Blue
    David Friedenbach Risotto Junior Blue
    Abby Larson Applesauce Pancakes Junior Blue
    Nicholas Nayokpuk Taco Salad Junior Blue
    Stephanie Hauger Berry Brown Sugar   Pizza Senior Purple
    Leah Waid Crab Artichoke   Croissant Senior Purple

    Public Presentation Schedule

    Public Presentations start at 10:00 AM at the Extension Office.  The order is below.  Each participant will take approximately  10 minutes( some will take longer some less) so please use that timeline to determine what time you need to be here.  If you have any problems with the schedule please call the extension office.

    First Last Area Needs
    Heather Maier Demonstration Table
    Lexi Maier Demonstration Table
    Quinn Fargo Demonstration Table
    Nicholas Nayokpuk Demonstration Table
    Natalie Nayokpuk Demonstration Table
    Molly Larson Demonstration Table
    Keeley Larson Demonstration table
    Stephanie Hauger Public   Speaking
    Abby Larson Illustrated Talk Easel
    Leah Waid Illustrated   Talk Projector


    June Newsletter

    June’s newsletter is jam packed with workshop days, livestock judging and lots more!

    June newsletter 2014

    May 2014 Newsletter

    May 2014 Newsletter

    SDSU Youth Livestock Judging Camp

    The SDSU Youth Livestock Judging Camp gives its participants the opportunity to learn, not only how to evaluate livestock, but also to present their thoughts in the reasons room.  This highly hands-on learning environment features instruction from the SDSU Livestock Judging Coach and Team, as well as breeders within the state with judging experience.

    For more information: 2014 SDSU Livestock Judging Camp

    National 4-H Healthy Living Youth Ambassador Roles and Responsibilities

     National 4-H Healthy Living Youth Ambassador Roles and Responsibilities



    National 4-H Healthy Living Youth Ambassadors are an asset in accomplishing the goals and outcomes of the National 4-H Healthy Living Mission Mandate. 4-H Youth Ambassadors work closely with the National 4-H Healthy Living Regional Facilitators and are considered an integral part of the National 4-H Healthy Living Management Team.

    The National 4-H Healthy Living Management Team consists of staff from 4-H National Headquarters, U.S. Department of Agriculture, National 4-H Council, 4-H Healthy Living Youth Ambassadors, and the 4-H Healthy Living Regional Facilitators. The National Management Team members are responsible for ensuring the 4-H Healthy Living Strategic Framework is implemented and achieved. The Management Team:

    • Helps set and achieve the goals in the National 4-H Healthy Living Strategic Framework
    • Supports the work of key 4-H Healthy Living components–professional development, programming/curriculum and evaluation — and supports the marketing and web development work at National 4-H Council
    • Participates in conference calls and face-to-face meetings, providing valuable feedback and bringing up issues from the states/regions.
    • Works closely with 4-H National Headquarters and National 4-H Council to provide support and feedback about the 4-H Healthy Living Mission Mandate work.
    • Provides advice and support to the Resource Development team at National 4-H Council as they develop grant proposals, seek funding, and implement programs.


    4-H Healthy Living Youth Ambassador

    Time Required:   3-5 hours per month minimum requirement

    Length of Term: 2 years

    Age of applicants: 16-21 by September 1st of year of application


    • Participate in 4-H Healthy Living face-to-face meetings at the National 4-H Conference Center in Chevy Chase Maryland. All travel expenses will be covered.
    • Participate in regular youth and overall National Management Team conference calls.
    • Work with the National 4-H Healthy Regional Coordinators to help plan and support 4-H Healthy Living programs.
    • Inform 4-H youth, 4-H volunteers, 4-H educators, University faculty and other interested persons about 4-H Healthy Living opportunities and resources;
    • Share program ideas and resources with youth peers that will help strengthen and expand 4-H Healthy Living programs;
    • Actively pursue state/local partnerships and networks to expand 4-H Healthy Living programmatic efforts and learning experiences.
    • Represent 4-H in a positive light and serve as a youth voice for 4-H Healthy Living.


    • Leadership experience in the 4-H program at the County, State and/or National level
    • A passion for and active engagement in one of the key areas of 4-H Healthy Living: nutrition, physical activity, alcohol-tobacco-drug intervention, safety or social-emotional health (such as bullying or teen mental health)
    • An interest in sharing knowledge to enhance youth educational experiences;
    • Excellent social media skills
    • Ability to work with county/local/community and state level professionals to share resources and opportunities;
    • The ability to communicate effectively with 4-H Healthy Living leaders, volunteers, and funders
    • A willingness to promote the 4-H Healthy Living Strategic Framework.

     Benefit Received:

    • Enhance and promote 4-H Healthy Living educational experiences
    • Enhance your 4-H Healthy Living conceptual understanding and skills;
    • Network with peers and healthy living leaders around the nation;
    • Play a leadership role in moving forward the 4-H Healthy Living mission
    • Enhance your professional development opportunities
    • Increase your knowledge and skills for implementing and managing 4-H Healthy Living programs.

    Prepared by National 4-H Healthy Living Youth Ambassadors: Rachel Fay, Lynzee Flores, Danielle Newman, Sean Russell and Andrea Vessel

    National 4-H Healthy Living Ambassador Application final 

    Tour D’Cluck

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