Welcome to Yankton County 4-H! Our mission is to empower youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnership with caring adults. From rocketry, robotics, cooking, sewing and photography to animal care, the opportunities available in 4-H are endless.

4-H Library Programs

Yankton County 4-H has partnered with the Yankton Community Library to bring great programs to both 4-H members and non 4-H'ers.

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4-H members ages 5 to 7 should check out our Cloverbuds program! We meet once a month for an hour at the Yankton County Extension Office.

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Junior Leaders

Do you know about the Junior Leaders? Any 4-H member between the ages of 12 and 18 is eligible to join this leadership group.

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SD 4-H Leaders Association t-shirt design contest

The SD 4-H Leaders Association is again hosting a t-shirt design contest. See the message below from Executive Secretary Paula Linke.
Hi all – We had wonderful success with our t-shirt logo design contest in 2015 and are excited to plan for this year.
For the 2016 contest, submit your logo design idea via email by June 10. The logo design may be hand drawn or created with computer software, and should be an original idea. Keep in mind a few guidelines for using the 4-H Clover. If you have any questions on these, please let me know.
Use the whole Emblem. The 4-H Emblem should always appear in its entirety—meaning it should always appear as a whole and complete image.
Do not remove any leaves. The leaves cannot be removed or have another image superimposed over the top of any of the leaves. Other images should be moved and appear completely separate from the 4-H Emblem. This also means you should not “cut off” a leaf by running it off the edge of the paper in print media or other designs.
Do not place text or other images over or on top of the 4-H Emblem. The 4-H Emblem should not appear screened or watermarked under words or graphics. No photo, drawing, symbol, word, or other figure or object may be placed on or obscure the 4-H Emblem.
Keep it upright. The 4-H Emblem should not be rotated or turned on its side.
Distortion and Proportion. The appearance, shape, and proportion of the 4-H Emblem should never be distorted to fit in an imprint space. Do not make the 4-H Emblem longer, taller, wider, angled, or squarer. Do not alter the shape in any way. The overall size of the 4-H Emblem may be changed, but the proportions must remain intact.
Color. The 4-H Emblem should never be screened, shaded, gradated, or appear in a multi-colored hue. Graphic Designers: The official color is 100% PMS 347 green.
The clover can be green, white, black, or metallic gold. Below are the official guidelines for each color clover:
The “H’s” on the green clover can be white, black, or metallic gold. The H’s on the black clover should be white. The H’s on the white clover can be black or green. The H’s on the metallic gold clover can be white, black, or metallic gold (when embossed).
The winning logo will be used on shirts that we sell at the SD State Fair and throughout the year. The person who submits the winning logo will receive $50. Get those ideas coming!!
Paula Linke
SD 4-H Leaders
Executive Secretary

Jackrabbit Dairy Camp 2016

The SDSU Dairy Club would like invite you to join us for the 14th Annual Jackrabbit Dairy Camp at the South Dakota State University campus in Brookings.

At camp we’ll be having workshops on showmanship, fitting, dairy cattle judging, advocating, and more. Participants will also have the opportunity to work hands -on with heifers throughout the camp. We are excited to provide the opportunity for youth to enhance their fitting skills and provide assistance with topline fitting.

Lodging for two evenings in a SDSU residence hall, meals, entertainment, and materials provided are included in the $60 registration fee. This $60 fee is per participant. Registration is limited to 45 youth/counselor and will be handled on a first come first serve basis. Additional information can be obtained by going to http://www.sdstate.edu/ds.
Youth between the ages of 8-18 interested in learning more about the dairy industry are invited to register. Registration is open from April 1st to May 14th. Confirmation letters will be sent out upon registration forms being received in the mail.

For more information, click here: 2016 Dairy Camp Registration.

Volunteer sign up links for 2016 State 4-H Shoot

For every 8 entries of your county, we need 2 hours of assistance on the range and at registration. That is 600 hours of volunteer help needed to make this event happen.  If you need to split a shift with some one, just put two names in the column, along with your county.

We appreciate all the help, and frankly we desperately need it, because it would be impossible to carry without it! Every discipline has jobs to be done that require ZERO experience, or just a little bit of explanation.  Teens are very welcome to assist as well, we especially need teens working as Archery Angels with the beginner archers, assisting with scoring.

CMP and 22 Pistol—Police Range http://doodle.com/poll/w4e844gpcdqqrrqu

Air Rifle/Pistol/Silhouette—EXPO http://doodle.com/poll/6axedmiari4rerun

Archery Angels/Addition Assistance—EXPO http://doodle.com/poll/g4xgx8xwutybinz8

BB Gun Range Assistant—EXPO http://doodle.com/poll/6fbydyeuxdb8nwy3

Archery Registration and Ribbons—EXPO http://doodle.com/poll/y7vmrqruu9gnwby5

22 3-Position—Lewis & Clark Range http://doodle.com/poll/ezxs8d6isgpum4e9

Archery Range—EXPO http://doodle.com/poll/e8pc9pwrrhzs73t3


Kathryn Reeves

4-H/YD Science Field Specialist


SDSU West River Ag Center

1905 Plaza Boulevard

Rapid City, SD 57702



Office 605.394.2236

Fax 605.394.6607